Here’s a playlist of clips of Jaxson speaking, recorded on an iPhone from Feb 20-Feb28 2019, at 20 months old. Almost all clips are one word utterances; there are one or two two-word utterances. All the target words are vouched for by yours truly as I understood them in context at the time. I’ve done my best to do a semi-narrow transcription of the production, but you can listen for yourself and no doubt improve them. You’ll hear some other vocal noise at the beginning and end of many clips; that’s usually my voice. If you want to hear any particular clip in context, click here for a list the longer recordings containing the shorter ones; some productions were prompted by me asking him to say the word (and thus modeling the target for him); most were his own spontaneous productions. Sorry can’t collect any more data at this stage he’s almost 24 mos old now.

Some patterns:
Final voiced stops are mostly devoiced

Final stops are mostly released with aspiration. Lots of aspiration.

Multisyllabic words with a labial in the interior come out hilariously mangled

Trochaic bias is absolute; initial unstressed syllables are almost always truncated

Timing of nasal opening and closure is pretty variable

Complex stop+liquid onsets always reduced to stop only, except for when preceded by s–then reduced to s+liquid (at least with one example, see ”strawberry’).