Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley
In Vineeta Chand, Ann Kelleher, Angelo J. Rodriguez, Benjamin Schmeiser, eds, Proceedings of WCCFL 23, Cambridge, MA: Cascadilla Press. 195-208.
Publication year: 2004

In this paper, causativizing fare is treated as the (non-affixal) realization of a causative little v° head. We argue that a refinement of the little v° approach, involving two distinct external-argument selecting v° heads, permits a fine-grained analysis from which many of the subtle properties originally identified in Kayne (1975) and subsequent work simply fall out. In particular, a minor enrichment of the inventory of v° heads allows us to account for a broad range of syntactic and semantic facts without recourse to any lexicon-internal operations on argument structure, which have been a mainstay of previous analyses. Most importantly, the different properties of the two distinct v° heads proposed here predict certain interactions between fare and its complements, and this leads to an account of a previously unnoticed constellation of facts about the interaction of fare with unaccusative and unergative verbs.