Heidi Harley
Cambridge, MA: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics
Publication year: 1997

Papers in this volume, coming out of a roundtable organized at the University of Pennsylvania by Heidi Harley:

Are Unaccusatives Aspectually Characterized? (and other related questions) Maya Arad Obligation and Possession Rajesh Bhatt Voice Systems and the Syntax/Morphology Interface David Embick The Basic Elements of Argument Structure Ken Hale and Jay Keyser Licensing in the Non-Lexicalist Lexicon: Nominalizations, Vocabulary Items and the Encyclopaedia Heidi Harley and Rolf Noyer Case and Locality in L-Syntax: Evidence from Georgian Martha McGinuis Argument Structure and Antipassivization in Inuit Laura Siegel Events and Aspectual Structure in Derivational Morphology Angeliek van Hout and Thomas Roeper