Liina Pylkkänen, Heidi Harley
Cambridge, MA: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics
Publication year: 1999

Papers in this volume, originating from the titular workshop organized at MIT by Heidi Harley and Liina Pylkkänen.

What counts as a class? The case of psych verbs Maya Arad The Local Asymmetry Connection Anna-Maria Di Sciullo Bound Features, Merge, and Transitivity Alternations Ken Hale and Jay Keyser Denominal Verbs and Aktionsart Heidi Harley Transitivity Alternations in Japanese Chisato Kitagawa and Hideo Fujii Causativity, Late Insertion and the Projection of vP Jeffrey Lidz Reflexive clitics and the specifiers of vP Martha McGinnis Causation and External Arguments Liina Pylkkänen The Impact of Nominalization on Passive, –able and Middle: Burzio’s Generalization and Feature-Movement in the Lexicon Thomas Roeper & Angeliek van Hout