Heidi Harley
Lingua 103.2-3, 75-84
Publication year: 1997

The analysis in this paper is superseded by the proposal in ‘Aspects of have‘.

The unavailability of the experiencer reading of English had when its subject is coindexed with a logophor in the complement is shown to be the result of a particular licensing condi- tion on the experiencer and locative readings of have. The experiencer or location subject of have must bind a [+R] variable in its complement. Logophors, while variables, are not [+R] in the binding theory as presented in Reinhart and Reuland (1993); hence the experiencer or location reading is not licensed. More broadly, the result supports the proposals of Ritter and Rosen (I 997) and Belvin (1993, 1996) that have is a predicate whose interpretation depends upon the nature of and relations between its arguments.