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A head-movement approach to Talmy’s typology

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley (2020)
Folli, Rafaella and H. Harley. (2020). A head-movement approach to Talmy’s typology. Linguistic Inquiry 51.3, 425-470
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Locality domains and morphological rules: Phases, heads, node-sprouting and suppletion in Korean honorification

Jaehoon Choi, Heidi Harley (2019)
Choi, Jae-Hoon and H. Harley. (2019). Locality domains and morphological rules: Phases, heads, node-sprouting and suppletion in Korean honorification. Natural Langauge and Linguistic Theory 37(4), 1319-1365
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Coronado-era place-names, I. Marcos de Niza in Sonora, and the Occrrence of Yaqui names in his Relación.

William K Hartmann, Heidi Harley and Constantino Martínez-Fabián (2016)
Kiva 80.3-4, pp 350-365
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Some PP modifiers of NP block relative readings in superlatives

Heidi Harley, Jeffrey Punske (2015)
Snippets 29, 5-6
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In support of the PHAVE analysis of the double object construction

Heidi Harley, Hyun Kyoung Jung (2015)
Linguistic Inquiry 46.4, 703-730
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A force-theoretic framework for event structure

Bridget Copley, Heidi Harley (2015)
Linguistics and Philosophy 38.2, 103-158
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Reply to commentaries: On the identity of roots

Heidi Harley (2014)
Theoretical Linguistics 40.4:447-474
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On the identity of roots

Heidi Harley (2014)
Theoretical Linguistics 40.3: 225-276
HiakiJournal Publications

Feature matching and case/number disscociation in Hiaki

Heidi Harley (2013)
Revista linguística, 9.1, 1-9. June 2013
HiakiJournal Publications

The syntax of argument structure: Evidence from Italian complex predicates

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley (2012)
Journal of Linguistics, 49.1, 93-125
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Phases and templates in Georgian agreement

Leila Lomashvili, Heidi Harley (2011)
Studia Linguistica 65.3: 233-267.
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Futurates, directors, and have-causatives

Bridget Copley, Heidi Harley (2009)
Snippets 19, 5-6
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Form and meaning in Hiaki (Yaqui) verbal reduplication

Heidi Harley, Maria Leyva (2009)
International Journal of American Linguistics, 75.2, 233-72
HiakiJournal Publications

Teleology and animacy in external arguments

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley (2008)
Lingua 118.2, 190-202.
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Special Issue on Perfectivity and Telicity

Raffaella Folli and Heidi Harley (2008)
Lingua, 118.11
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Special Issue on Aspect and Aktionsart

Heidi Harley, Raffaella Folli, Britta Jensen (2007)
Nordic Journal of Linguistics 30.2
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Causation, Obligation, and Argument Structure: On the Nature of Little v

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley (2007)
Linguistic Inquiry 38.2, 197-238
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What language says about the psychology of events

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley (2006)
Trends in Cognitive Science, 10.3, 91-92
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On the licensing of causatives of directed motion: Waltzing Matilda all over

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley (2006)
Studia Linguistica 60.2 1-35
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Existential impersonals

Andrew Carnie, Heidi Harley (2005)
Studia Linguistica, 59.1, 46–65
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Wanting, having and getting: A note on Fodor and Lepore 1998

Heidi Harley (2004)
Linguistic Inquiry 35.2, 255-267
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Review of Brandt, 'Cipient Predication'

Heidi Harley (2003)
Glot International 7.9/10, 247-253
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Arguments in the syntactic straightjacket: Commentary on Hurford

Heidi Harley and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (2003)
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26.3., 297-298
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Web-based dictionaries for languages of the southwest US

S. Bird, M. Hammond, M. Amarillas, M. Jeffcoat, H. Harley, O. Zepada, M. Miyashita, R. Geronimo, M. A. Willie, and L. Moll (2002)
Literary and Linguistic Computing 17.4, 427-438
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Recollections of Kenneth L. Hale

Eloise Jelinek, Heidi Harley (2002)
Linguistic Typology 6.2, 140-142.
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Possession and the double object construction

Heidi Harley (2002)
Linguistic Variation Yearbook 2, pp. 31-70
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Person and number in pronouns: A feature-geometric analysis

Heidi Harley and Elizabeth Ritter (2002)
Language 78.3, pp. 482-526
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WCO, ACD and QR of DPs

Heidi Harley (2002)
Linguistic Inquiry 33.4, pp. 659-664
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Innateness, abstract names, and syntactic cues in How Children Learn the Meanings of Words

Heidi Harley, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (2001)
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24, 1107-8
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Never Again Schlomsbordus (19XX): Endnote 3.0

Heidi Harley (2000)
Glot International 4.6, 1-3.
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Review of Barbiers "The syntax of interpretation"

Heidi Harley (1998)
Glot International 3.1, 6-8.
Journal PublicationsReviews

The resurrection: Raising to Comp? Some evidence from Old Irish

Andrew Carnie, Heidi Harley, Elizabeth Pyatt (1994)
Studies in the Linguistic Sciences 24.2, 85-100
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